Hallway and entry furniture

hallway and entry furniture

hallway and entry furniture

How to choose your Hallway and entry furniture

The worst thing about first impressions is you never get a second chance to make one. Which is why you have to be very meticulous when deciding which furniture to use for your hallway. Hallway furniture is not only the first thing visitors notice when they enter your apartment or office but it also the last thing they see as they leave. The hallway must therefore be meticulously designed and spatially sound. Let us consider a few practical tips on how to choose your hallway furniture.
1. Think about your space
Hallways are usually small but they handle a lot of traffic. You do not want to buy hallway furniture that will not fit in the available space or one that will make movement hard. It is a good idea to measure the furniture before buying it just to be sure it will fit in your space. Knowing how much space you have will help you know what type of hallway furniture to acquire and if you will also add other decorations like wall hangings, potted plants, and mirrors. You should also be choosy on the colors for your hallway furniture. For instance, brighter colors combined with sufficient hallway lighting make the room look bigger which gives your hallway a welcoming ambiance.
2. Extra Storage
Another important consideration for choosing hallway furniture is how it will help with storage. For instance, console tables have drawers that can help you store stuff that you need to grab in a hurry as you leave the house. Examples include keys, wallets, keycards, staff IDs, gloves etc. In addition to storage, they provide a great place to display ornamental accessories like jewelry, sculpture, family portrait, flower vases etc.
3. Lighting
Hallways must have sufficient light. Unfortunately, most apartments do not have windows facing the hallway so you have to think of lighting the hallways artificially. How much light you have should be considered when buying furniture for your hallway. If your hallway is well lit by natural light, you may want to use furniture that kind of absorbs the light. For darker hallways however, it is best to invest in brighter furniture. In addition to the color of the furniture, you may also want to consider hallway furniture that has inbuilt LED lighting. This is not only functional but also a cost effective way of artificially lighting up dark hallways.
4. Mirrors
Mirrors are very good accessories for small hallways. some hallway furniture like storage cabinets come preinstalled with mirrors. Not only will the cabinet provide an excellent storage space for shoes, jackets, hats and umbrellas but it will also serve as a last minute grooming stop over thanks to the mirrors. Mirrors also help make the small hallway look larger especially if they are facing and empty space or well.
Irrespective of your hallway size, whether big or small, it can be put to a lot of good use. Choosing the hallway furniture appropriately not only ensures an improvement of the aesthetics of the entrance into your home or office but it also adds you lot of otherwise unutilized storage space. Check your hallway again and see what improvements you can make.

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