How the German Wine Industry is Shifting to Meet Consumers
No, not the headaches that some complain about when they imbibe wine. I mean the unique and sometimes confusing classification system. Of course, every country, state, and county has a different system. But the German one is unique, based on ripeness …
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Optical grape sorter boosts German wine
No winemakers want their product to have a bitter note to it. Now, new sorting equipment based on an optical recognition system can ensure this is never the case; the machine sorts the harvest into quality grades – sparing winemakers laborious manual work.

Wine to try: German Riesling is a pick for all seasons
German wines have never had it easy in the American market. It's the label thing. No colorful monkeys or kangaroos. Just lots of long words that people can't pronounce. Plus, the bottles are too tall to fit on many refrigerator shelves. But that is a …
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